A new era in luxury cruising begins

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R Marine Pittwater continues  rich Australian luxury boating dynasty reaching back 40 years. Dealer principal Scott Dillon continues the ethos initiated by Lee Dillon Marine  – or ‘LDM’ as it was known – for decades Australia’s most successful Riviera dealership.

Year after year, LDM collected industry awards as readily as it attracted Australia’s more discerning luxury boat buyers. As the Riviera brand grew, so did LDM. The brand was founded on the principles of quality, integrity  and an uncompromised commitment to be the best.

Now a new generation is breathing fresh energy into this proud tradition. As much as the Riviera brand had been reinvigorated in recent times, at R Marine Pittwater we are working on redefining the boat purchasing experience.



After a successful interlude selling some of Northern Beaches’ finest prestige homes, Scott Dillon has returned to his true passion. Indeed his recent successes have provided Scott with rare insights which many in the boating industry will never have  experienced. So as much as Scott recognised the attributes that discerning home owners looked for in luxury homes, similar values hold true on the water. This is especially true for those who see a luxury motor cruiser as their home away from home on the water, albeit for a few precious weekends or holidays.

Boating is in Scott’s DNA. Luxury boats have been an essential part of his life and he has spent many a weekend and festive season aboard some of the world’s finest luxury motor cruisers. Scott and the R Marine Pittwater team’s deep understanding of the modern motoryacht’s advanced technologies and luxury inclusions will serve as your guide in making the right purchase. So whether you’re looking to step up to a new Riviera or Belize, or looking across a broad selection of pre-owned boats, talk to Scott.

Contact Scott direct on 0400 744 844 or scott@rmarinepittwater.com.au

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Dave Hewett lives boats. As a Northern Beaches boy, Dave intimately knows the area’s many bays and inlets – and many of the craft that frequent these waterways. He also knows what today’s discerning owners are looking for in a boat and understands which makes and models are best equipped to satisfy their needs.

He began selling boats around 3 decades ago for a prominent brokerage before setting up his own company in partnership with leading powerboat manufacturers. Key roles with a range of leading brands and dealerships followed, and together with his mechanical background, Dave literally knows powerboats literally from the inside out.

While Dave has always been close to the Riviera brand, he also believes in nurturing close long term relationships with owners. Evidence of this was seen in him recently being contacted by another Riviera owner to sell the boat he had originally purchased from Dave 19 years ago.

Now, Dave has returned to his first love – Riviera, working alongside a renowned marine industry personality.

Contact Dave on 0408 248 897 or david@rmarinepittwater.com.au

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Corin is no stranger to the finer things in life. Having been a mechanic with a leading Mercedes Benz dealership, Corin understands how to satisfy the needs of those who appreciate the finest in luxury and technology. In such an environment, customer service is a key part of the brand experience. Now Corin has an opportunity to exercise those same skills working in a sales role with Australia’s most respected name in luxury cruising.

Having grown up on the Northern Beaches, he’s familiar with the waterways around Pittwater, albeit from a land-based perspective. He has even found that some of the customers he’d worked with previously are also quite involved in the boating scene, so he has had the chance to rekindle some old acquaintances.

Corin has always had a passion for taking the time to understand how things work. So when it comes to  the inner workings of the modern luxury cruiser, Corin can translate those sophisticated technologies into plain English in a manner all of us can all understand. So when you’re looking over one of the latest Riviera models, Corin will be only too happy to explain how everything works and how it can make your boating experience even more pleasurable.

Contact Corin on 0438 744 844 or corin@rmarinepittwater.com.au



The secret to gaining maximum enjoyment from your boat and preserving its value is regular maintenance and professional servicing. To oversee operations, you need professionals who fully understand the many advanced systems found in today’s sophisticated powerboats. So Adam Hayter has joined our team as Service Manager to handle  servicing and Riviera warranty support.

Adam learned the business from the ground up. After working on a marina straight out of school, he completed his apprenticeship as a shipwright. One of his first major projects was a total restoration of a timber yacht before setting up on his own doing repairs and maintenance on all manner of craft – timber and fibreglass, power and sail. Adam believes in nurturing long term relationships with owners and has maintained associations going back many years – a testimony to the quality of workmanship he has delivered over his 20 years in the industry.

More recently, Adam has been focussed on Riviera warranty work. He’s so fond of the brand, he has part ownership of a Riviera 37. So while on weekends Adam may be on the water with his wife and two children, during the week he’s the go-to man for all your servicing needs.

Contact Adam on 0404 460 804 or adam@rmarinepittwater.com.au

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Matt McAllery has taken a break from studying Mechanical Engineering which fortunately means R Marine Pittwater is lucky enough to have him on the team serving a range of roles. Matt is responsible for updating the website, managing customer communications, compiling vendor reports and handling online advertising, which keeps our customers informed about the latest arrivals on our marina.

Matt’s engineering knowledge is also something of a bonus to us, given the wealth of sophisticated engineering found in modern cruising powerboats. But not all of Matt’s work happens at sea level. Matt is also responsible for taking drone footage of the boats then compiling promotional videos, giving customers a bird’s eye view of how our latest arrivals look and how they perform.

Having Matt aboard is just another way we’re bringing a fresh energy into our dealership and to the Riviera brand. So next time you pop into the office or attend one of our social events, or say hi to Matt and experience the energy he brings to our team.

Contact Matt on 0418 406 247 or matt@rmarinepittwater.com.au